Can PhotonVision import a Photo or Video for tuning?

One of the nice features of the Limelight that we would love to see for Photon is the ability to use a photo or video from the computer to set tuning constants on the Raspberry pi.

At events, we have never been able to take advantage of the limited time teams are given to calibrate vision on the field. This is mostly due to the fact that we are a small team, and those who are able to perform that task are busy getting the robot ready for competition in other ways.

So, the prospect of recording through either photon or even shuffleboard during our first match, and then calibrate using that footage could be incredibly helpful.

Now that I think of it, it could be helpful to do this even if we manage to get time to calibrate before the qualifiers begin.


You could try casting the video to a virtual webcam for tuning and run it on loop. Might be tricky using the PV image but Google says it is possible.

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This is a feature that got back-burnered some time last year (see here).
I spoke with @thatmattguy and it seems to be around 50-60% there. I’ll be taking a look at it tomorrow to see what it’ll take to complete it.


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