CAN port on roboRIO seems to be damaged

With our roboRIO we went to plug in the CAN cables yesterday, and the spring loaded release wasn’t working on the CAN-High signal. This is a major problem for our roboRIO because we can’t do any firmware flashing for or TalonSRX’s and we can’t do several other things.

Is there some sort of fix for this? Or do we have to buy a whole new roboRIO?

When you press the white latch the wire should release… should.

But if it doesn’t, then try a couple of things. One, press the white release which a screw driver HARD and pull the wire HARD. This will free up a wire that might be crimped around the latch.

If that doesn’t work, try pressing the latch HARD, push DOWN on the wire, then pull it out.

We’ve found this to usually work.

You were trying to plug in, but the release wasn’t working? I don’t understand. What does “wasn’t working” mean here, exactly?

A short video on how the Weidmuller connectors work. It might be helpful to you:

Have you tried using solid instead of stranded wire? Looks like you can just push in solid wire without having to press the release.