CAN regulations

I was wondering if your required or not to use yellow and green colored wires for your CAN connection.

The answer you seek is in the robot rules sections 4.8 or 4.9. Anyway the only color requirements are for power wires. Signal wire can be any color. You should be consistent though.

Although the colors may not be required, we highly recommend following the green/yellow scheme for the following reasons.
-Makes robot inspection and troubleshooting easier.
-The colors will match what’s labeled on the roboRIO CAN connector
-The colors will match what’s labeled on the PDP/PCM Weidmuller connectors.
-The colors match the Talon SRX cable harness.

It all adds up to a better CAN bus experience.

X1000 especially the part about inspection. Make easy for the RI to see what is going on and the RI will be happier. A happy inspector will bend over backwards to help you get into compliance.

It will also make things easier to trouble shoot, if needed and less likely for someone to connect things wrong when a fix is required in the heat of competition.

I agree with all of the reasons that you site. And I’ll add another for us, green/yellow are the school colors. :slight_smile:

However, FIRST has not provided a source for the green/yellow twisted pair.

I have been unable to find a source for the green/yellow twisted pair. Can anyone provide a source?


AndyMark sells it in 10 feet sections with a nice shield too. The only other place I have found a green/yellow pair was searching for trailer wiring harnesses, but those weren’t twisted.


Green wire + Yellow wire + Drill = Twisted Green and Yellow Wire

This is true, but it doesn’t help much when the wire I found was bonded together side by side :stuck_out_tongue: (more specifically, I found this stuff. Seems like a good price if you pull it apart and twist it yourself.)

Nice find! I had searched for things like that, but could only find thicker wire than I wanted. It’s weird that the 18 gauge wire is more expensive than the 22 gauge, though.

[edit]Looking up the part numbers on the manufacturer’s catalog yields a disappointing result: the two-wire cables offered by ASE Supply are either red/black or yellow/brown pairs. The pictures on their web site are not to be trusted.[/edit]

Seems like a good price if you pull it apart and twist it yourself.)

In short lengths, bonded wire can be twisted without difficulty.

Well that’s a disappointment. After I found that, I noticed AndyMark was selling it too, and just added a few to our order. Good catch on that though, I’d have never looked at the actual catalog before ordering it.