Can someone clarify how many game pieces are in the game?

Currently, we think there’s 48 per side - 24 hatch panels and 24 cargo per alliance.

Rule 5.1.1 says "Twenty-four (24) Game Pieces are staged on each side of the field for each match as follows:

A. 1 Hatch Panel is loaded in each loading station
B. 6 cargo are staged in each of the two depots
C. Each of the 3 teams may preload 1 Hatch panel or 1 Cargo in their robot
D. Remaining Hatch Panels (19-22) and Cargo (9-12) are staged in the corresponding alliance stations, split evenly between the Game Piece holders.

This adds up to 24 hatch panels and 24 cargo.

Is there an abundance of pieces or a lack of them?

For reference, this is 5.1.1, page 38 of the pdf.


E: 1 cargo is staged in each of the two alliance wall facing cargo ship bays
F: each team must prepopulate 1 cargo or 1 null hatch panel in each of their two cargo ship bays.

I also don’t know what a null hatch panel is, besides the special hooks - does it not count for points?

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Per side there is also:

2 CARGO in the end of the CARGO SHIP. 6 total CARGO and HATCH PANEL placed in the rest of the CARGO SHIP.

Thanks, I missed those.

EDIT: I’m interested in how other teams have read into this rule.

That’s right. The Null hatch does not count for points


The null hatch pre-placed does not count for any points. If you don’t think you will be able to place a hatch on one of the spots with cargo during sandstorm, the null hatch is helpful (allows the cargo to not fall out upon the slides angling).

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This is where I’m stuck as well, nice to not even know how many pieces are in play for the first 4 days of the season. Im ASSUMING its 48 or should have said 24 of each, as that would allow the variable game pieces to satisfy the 9-12/19-22 statements.

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