Can someone explain the Garmin LIDAR wiring like im 5?

Specifically the PWM wiring to the DIO ports. I get that 3 and 6 go to the 5v and Gnd, but the yellow gets split to Trigger and Monitor pins with the resistor, while theres only 1 pin left in one dio port. Do they split over 2 ports like encoders? Code ive found seems to only refer to one port.

I’m inclined to say yes to splitting over 2 ports, but just to be sure, what part number/datasheet are you referencing in particular?

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The example code on Andymark references this wiring setup that only uses 1 PWM port. LIDAR-Lite — GirlsOfSteelDocs 0.0.1 documentation

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References, but like everything else, does not explain how 4 wires are supposed to connect to 3 pins. I dont mean to be rude but i am very frustrated.

Page 3 of the datasheet (linked to from the AndyMark page) shows wiring diagrams for I2C or PWM operation.

Page 4 states the following: “If the mode control pin is held low, the acquisition process will repeat
indefinitely, producing a variable frequency output proportional to distance”. So you could just connect the other side of the resistor to ground to get a continuous PWM pulse, rather than connecting it to another DIO and periodically driving it low.

In this case, the split of the wire that gets the resistor is tied to ground, so you are essentially back to 3 wires again.

There is an image in the GirlsOfSteel document that shows how:


Got it, thank you!


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