Can someone explain this to me?

Now for the record I am a seasoned designer and programmer and I make websites for a living. But for the life of me I can not figure out why Internet Explorer (grrrr) is doing the things it’s doing.

If someone could take a look at the front page and give me an idea that’d be wonderful. (remember to look in IE because it seems to work everywhere else)


Not sure why you are putting it site into an iFrame. If I copy source url from the iframe and view it in IE, it looks just like Firefox and Chrome. (it’s to big to post but this is what it has looked like for me since I first made)


I think it may have to do with the file type of the logo. Also IE is telling me that there is an error on line 49 of the source code, If that tells you anything(IE 6 specificly)

Couldn’t tell you exactly what the problem is, but it might be easier to replace the images with css-ed text than try to do a fix for IE.

try not using a specific style sheet for IE. If you notice it will load correctly then about a second later it will mess everything up. The reason for that is that IE is loading the main style sheet then realizing that you don’t want it to load the main one and loads the IE one.

Also you should never make your left position static, for those of us with monitors that have either a higher or lower resolution then yours it will either place it self on the left side of the window or will be cut off on the right.

You have:

margin: 0 0 0 250px;

Would look better with:

left: 50%;
margin-left: -450px;
position: absolute;

this will make it dynamic so it will always be in the center of every ones resolution

Also, keep in mind that IE6 has a double margin bug. This means that when you put margins on certain objects, then the margins will be doubled. To fix this, then duplicate the style in the stylesheet, but add * html before it. Divide the margin in half also. This works because all browsers but IE6 identify * HTML as not a valid CSS command. Due to another unpatched bug, IE6 accepts that as a command, so it works if you want something to only work in IE6.

Here’s an example from the stylesheet of a current project:

#content .interpage_links .sponsor {
* HTML #content .interpage_links .sponsor {

Hope this is useful in your designing :wink:

Well it’s a little useless having those links as images. Simply use Trebuchet MS, if it’s not the font you’re using, it looks very close.

I would suggest having consistent formatting throughout your site as well. I noticed your Gallery and phpBB forum have default themes set.