Can someone explain to me...

Can someone explain to me how my team 3136 at VCU regional did not take rookie all star and go to national’s when we got highest rookie seed (3rd place) award and we also go the judges award also and the rookie all star award goes to team that ended up 4-4-1 when we ended up 9-3-1 if someone can give us some in site to how we did not gain this award, please post

thanks form 3136

Rookie All-Star is a judged award, not a performance-based award. The judges must have seen something about the other team that made them think that team was more deserving of the award than your team. Simple as that.

Here is a link the to awards and award description.

The Highest rookie seed is an award for robot performance.

The Rookie Inspiration has other criteria, and robot performance is not listed as part of the award consideration.

The Rookie All Star award tends to be kind of like the Chairman’s Award for rookies. There are a few different facets of FIRST. The robots are one facet, the Rookie All Star and Chairmans are another. They tend to be more about everything your team has done, outreach, communication, building FIRST, etc. Did your team put together information about, and speak to the judges about, this type of information? Don’t forget, these types of things must factor in too!

Ok we got the judges award so we had the judges no our side and we also had the top rookie seed award (3rd) so we had both aspects in which yall say we need to have the all star award I don’t understand why we didn’t get it

The fact that you got a Judges Award means you apparently caught the judges eye and impressed them, that is a great recognition for any team, especially for a rookie team. It shows that your team is strong in many of the aspects considered for awards.

Keep up the good work, I’m sure your team will be making a strong showing for years to come.

Judges’ Awards can be given for the coolest robot, if the judges want to do it that way. Just getting one doesn’t mean that you were the All-Stars of the regional. It means that the judges liked something about your team or robot that either didn’t fit into an existing category, or wasn’t quite good enough in an existing category to win that award, or spanned three or four existing categories.

Let’s put what you’re saying into the perspective of a veteran team. What would you think if you heard a veteran team saying, “We were the #1 seed and got a Judges’ Award [or, your favorite technical award–anything except RCA or EI], so we should have gotten the RCA [or EI] and be going to Atlanta”? Right, you’d be thinking something along the lines of “Hot air” or “Sour grapes” or something like that.

The RAS is the rookies’ Chairman’s Award (and Rookie Inspiration is just about the same for the Engineering Inspiration, though it doesn’t carry the trip to Atlanta). There was a team in St. Louis this week: 4-9-1 record, knocked out in the quarterfinals, seeded so low there was no way they’d get into elims on their own. They went home with the RCA for the event, and a trip to Championships. On the other hand, in Arizona there was a team that was #1 seed, the winner of the regional, the winner of the Entrepreneurship Award, really good W-L-T record–and they won the Chairman’s Award.

Chairman’s has absolutely nothing to do with your ranking, your seeding, awards won, or anything else of that nature. Because the RCA is that way, the RAS, which is the rookie version, doesn’t either.

And by complaining, what kind of precedent are you setting for next year, when you’re eligible for the RCA if you submit for it? Are you going to complain, or are you going to learn from this year and improve for next year, so that whether or not you win anything, you hold your heads high, knuckle down, and get to work to do the outreach to win it the next year? The choice is yours.

You’ve obviously got something that the judges like. Cultivate that, and work on where you’re weak.


I will say that input did reach the team and I would like to thank you for your time and thought on this subject.

Receiving a Judge’s award is a good indication that the judges felt you deserved an award but that another team could have been slightly in front of you for Rookie All Star. The Judge’s Award is still very special and indicates to all of us that you are a team on the move and will be very special in the coming years should you keep on the same course. A Chairman’s caliber team asks themselves what they could do better in the future.

Ed…We did good. We should be happy about what is and not so focused on what could have been. The fact that we got a Judge’s award probably means that team 3163 just barely edged us out for the Rookie All-Star.

Besides if we had gone to Nationals, it would have drain us of basically all of our funds and we would have been lucky to just field a robot next year.

Let’s just take what we got and try not to stab ourselves with the trophies.

Well, you has some of the judges, not exactly on your side but suitably impressed to give you a Judge’s award. This demonstrates that they saw something good in you, and that’s good. Excellent, in fact.

I think what hasn’t been mentioned yet is that FIRST is not about the robot.

You may hear that often, but that statement takes some thinking to really “get”.

I mean, it IS a robot competition, right? Yes, but it is about neither robots nor competition. It is about Inspiring people, especially young people, to recognize Science and Technology as being critically important to the success of human life on this planet. You may hear people “oh, save the planet!”, but truth is, Earth doesn’t need saving, it’ll do just fine no matter what we humans do - it is the HUMANS who need saving!

Rookie All-Star Award: This is about the team that shows their understanding of the ideals of FIRST, and it has nothing to do with the robot. Does your team reach out to the community to inspire them about science & technology? Do you reach out to other teams to help them? Do you help the community (food bank, flood cleanup, homeless shelter, girl scouts, etc.)? Do you help start FLL and FTC teams? Do you get newspaper and other media coverage of FIRST and science & technology?

The list could go on and on, but the point is this: Did you do all of those things? Did you do** any** of those things? If not, then you need to start doing it.

1676 has won all sorts of awards, but RAS is the one of which we remain most proud - and that’s after we went completely undefeated at VCU this past weekend (not even a tie). Why? Because the FIRST community recognized our efforts, as rookies (!) in helping other teams get onto the field to compete. We were lucky that our robot didn’t break, so we (eager to continue building robots) went to several other teams in the regional and helped them fix their robots - loaning tools, parts, hardware and (most importantly) people.

There was one team (in 2005) where Thursday morning I heard one team member say “Aw, we ain’t never gonna get this thing working anyway, let’s just go home”. Their robot had some serious issues. Four of our team members went to their pits and helped them rebuild their robot. You can’t imagine the look of pride and satisfaction on their faces when they finally passed inspection Thursday evening!

The judges took note of our ‘giving back’, and believe that’s what won us the RAS, over some very impressive teams. By the way, I think we finished 58th out of 61 teams that year, so i’m pretty sure we did not win for our robot’s performance.

Does this help, Ed?

I personal would like to thank you for the your time and thought on this subject, scene I know yall must have ton of work preparing for nationals and good luck on that.

Lee I will talk you later about this and you did know that crook was going to pay for it right?

I was really excited to see your team in the finals, being rookies as the third seed at VCU of all regional competitions (I’ve always felt VCU is a particularly stiff competition compared to others) is an amazing feat. Your team performed well and deserved the awards you got. You also mentioned funds (edited for space) and I must say that that’s very true. Paying for Atlanta isn’t easy. It’s fun, sure, but being able to come out of there with money still in the bank is even less easy, potentially team killing if you’re not careful with money. Keep at it, I’ll have my eyes on you as I’ll continue to be volunteering at the Virginia regional from now on!

I cannot add anything else to this post, very great insight into how the Rookie All-Star award works. No hard feelings here (339) for being crushed by you, 1086, and 1418 in the semifinals! If only the four backup robots hadn’t packed up we might have been able to fight more… :smiley: