Can someone get me the code for...

I need the code for a Visual Basic dashboard program to look at so that i can make one that will tell my teams driver what they need to know about our robots condition. Can somebody out there help me please??? Thanks!

White Paper Discuss: Team 810’s 2004 Dashboard Backend
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Well my team actually wants the code not the program, not that they bothered to give me a chance to try, but anyway any help would be met with much thanks from my team.

Take a look at my Dashboard program, it’s written in C++, and it’s not quite complete yet as it has to be tailored to each team’s specific needs. It’s the 810 Dashboard Backend.

Of course, there’s a slight problem in that you need a Flash (as in Macromedia Flash) Frontend to make it not just a console, but if all you need is console, then you’re good to go.

Where can i get it?