Can somone explain the fouls being called?

What fouls are the refs on the far side calling starting at 1:15. I am very confused by the call at 1:28. Final 2 - 2022 Aerospace Valley Regional - YouTube

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I think 6989 had 3 cargo in the robot. It looked like one extra one fell into it around 1:38 mark. That I think is the call at 1:28 on the near side.

The call far side at 1:34 is 3647’s intake being out, you can see it being retracted.

edit: I’m using the match time (not the video time). Just to be clear.

edit2: I think most all the later penalties were just the 3 cargo in 6989. Around 0:40 they shoot out all three.


ahh, I did not see the 3 cargo, thanks for clearing that up.

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Sometimes things are just a bit phantom looking.

Like we had a match where the HP toss a cargo in teleop, and I had to watch several times before figuring it out.

This was even harder because it didn’t appear it could hold 3 cargo and it went in pretty far.

6989 had 3 cargo for the majority of the match (G403) which escalated to a yellow card (blue box, example b). The referee was flagging the penalty so the team would understand they were in violation of G403.

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