[CAN SPARK MAX] IDs: 14, WPILib or External HAL Error: CAN: No token

I am curious if " [CAN SPARK MAX] IDs: 16, WPILib or External HAL Error: CAN: No token" is a hardware of a software issue.

We have 2 Neo550s wired on the end of our arm with the terminating resister out there too. Whenever we use either of the 550s they work but we gen the above error (with appropriate can id 16 or 18). Neither of the Falcons on the same bus complain.

The rest of our bot’s can is on a CANivore and also not complaining.


I found a similar thread here What does "CAN: No Token" error mean? No one seemed to answer that either.

Does anyone know what cases this error? Our spark maxes seem to work fine when accessed, we can talk to them through the pdh using the rev client software, they just toss errors to the drivers station whenever given a set command by the code.

Do we have a real problem or is this just the controller that cried wolf?


Hey,we also get the same error with all 8 of our SPARKmaxes, and this has started happening only within the last week,my driverstation since then has been full of this error.

I searched up to learn what the error meant, but just like you couldn’t find much on here.
@Thad_House on discord told me that

“ Its an error in netcomm. Usually thats caused by somehow initializing something CAN too soon. Or by having a thread that causes your program to not shut down.”

I removed the thread in my code, but it didnt fix the issue.

It hasn’t been causing any problems,though. At least not anything visible. Yet i have no idea why it only started happening recently, as we haven’t really made much of a change in our code.

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