Can Spark MAX motor controllers sing?

This is more of a “for-funsies” question but I was poking around in Phoenix Tuner and found the Music Chirp Generator page. This looks awesome but my team is using NEOs and Spark MAX motor controllers. Do Spark MAX’s have a (possibly hidden?) similar feature or has anyone found a way to play music with them?

Are they technically capable of it? Yes i believe so. The NEO is a brushless DC motor just like the Falcon500 is.

Does the REV Hardware Client provide controls for it? No

Does the SparkMax firmware provide an API for it? No (to the best of my knowledge at least. Only REV would know if there’s an undocumented feature in there)

While I totally admit it would be fun, we do not have any mechanisms to play tones or music with the NEOs and SPARK MAX.


Well none that are manufacturer recommended right :smile:

edit here:
We’ve made some motors make some noises before…they just weren’t happy motor noises.


Thanks for the clarification! Hopefully you guys have a chance to implement this at some point in the future.

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