CAN Spark Max not receiving signal


We have two Spark MAX controllers (CAN IDs 5 and 6, firmware v1.5.2) on a CAN bus. Using the REV Robotics Hardware client (v1.4.2), under “Connected Hardware” we only see the controller that is directly connected via USB and the CAN Bus. The other controller does not show up, even after scanning for devices repeatedly.

Selecting the controller, there are “No available APIs” under the API tab.

Selecting CAN Bus under Connected Hardware, CAN Status is “Bus Ok.” CAN Data shows 4 records for the one controller (Api IDs 0x60-0x63).

We have traced the CAN bus wiring, and the RoboRIO is on one end, and the PDP on the other, with the Termination jumper On, with the controllers in between.

Any suggestions for how to figure out what’s going on? Thanks!

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Just to double check, are the controllers powered?
Do you see the roborio and/or PDP on the CAN bus?

yes the controllers are powered. No we do not see the roborio or PDP on the CAN bus

We ended up switching the two spark MAX controllers and the new ones ended up working! everything showed up on the same bus in the hardware client. We’re still not sure what happened to controllers 5 and 6 because they seem to be identical to the new ones. probably damaged at some point.

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