CAN spark maxes all of a sudden don’t do anything

yesterday, they spun our brushless motors super fast. now, nothing. they are always blinking slowly from magenta to off, even when they are “running.” the can is working perfectly, as our talons are intertwined between the sparks and are spinning just fine. can’t be electrical, as we haven’t changed anything since yesterday. the only thing i can think of is i burned the can ids to the flashes of each spark so they don’t reset anymore. i know this is incredibly vague, but any wild ideas about what to try?

Are you able to drive the motors individually via the Hardware Client? By the sounds of it though, the slowly blinking magenta color code means there is no signal between the SparkMax and motor. (See: SPARK Max LED Codes). My first test would be checking if another motor works with that SparkMax, then checking your CAN bus.

the video i replied with hasn’t finished processing, but it shows me using the hardware client to try and spin a motor. i did this same process for all 4 sparkmaxes/motor systems and got nothing. Did i do something wrong in the vid?

Can you try this?

i will try a factory reset when i come back to the robot later, thanks for the idea

no change after resets. all can ids are correct and no errors in DS

Have you tried any of the other suggestions in that thread, such as flashing the firmware with the SparkMax in Recovery mode or attempting to disable the limit switch controls?

Please verify that the can isn’t loose and broken, we fought this issue Sunday night just to find a single pinch can wire to be the culprit everythign was working fine Saturday night we come in on Sunday everything is dead and took a long time to figure out and find the pinched can wire

it was literally a bad battery and a pinched wire, motors were trying to turn sometimes but just browned out

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