CAN Sparkmax wireless issues

Hello, I am part of the electrical team for FRC team 5549 and we have had issues with 2 of our Spark Maxs communicating with the laptop wirelessly. One of them has full functionality when plugged directly into the laptop, while the other is functional but unable to see other motor controllers when plugged into the laptop. When disconnected the status lights turn off even if the robot is powered on and the other controllers are lit. Furthermore, the other spark maxes are unable to communicate with the faulty two even when the other motor controllers are plugged directly into the laptop with the robot power on. Our Spark Maxs are plugged into brushless neos using the neo encoder cables and connected to other motor controllers using CAN. We observed issues with overdraw of power after they stopped functioning properly which likely caused the failures and damaged the controllers. Are there any other possibilities or solutions that you know of?
Thank you.

We gave up and replaced them. We think that by drawing too much current we completely burnt them out and had to replace them. Heads up for teams using Spark Maxs for the first time make sure you limit the current in the REV hardware client before use.