Can Talon SRX be used in <40 amp smaller ports of PDP

Our team is thinking about using multiple Talon SRX with Talon FXs we were wondering if either Talon FXs or SRXs be used with <40 amp smaller PDP ports.

What do you mean by using TalonSRXs with TakonFX?

If you’re just asking if motor controllers can be used on <40a breakers, the answer is yes. Only one controller per breaker however.

There is no restriction on the type of breaker you must use with the TalonSRX. If you are using one of the smaller motors like a Neo 550 or a BAG motor or window motor, then using a 20 amp breaker may be appropriate for your application. The Talon is capable of handling very high current but it does just fine controlling small, low current motors as well.


Additionally, you can use the REV 40A breakers in channels 4-11 of the PDP.

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