CAN Talon SRX in eclipse

Hi we were tying to program our drive and we can’t seem to put the CANTalon SRX into eclipse we have downloaded the tool suite on the installing eclipse webpage and we just can’t find out how to put it in eclipse (we downloaded our wpilib from the first website, we are using eclipse neon.2)


The libraries and include paths should be automatically getting updated by the Eclipse plugins to point to the correct ${HOME}/wpilib/user/cpp folders (for includes) and files (for libraries) at Eclipse startup.

If you ran the installer, it should have put the files into the correct locations. Do you see the CTRE files in C:/Users/<your name>/wpilib/user/cpp/include and …/lib? There is a possible issue with the installer at present where if privileges are escalated (e.g. you’re running as a normal user and need to type in an admin username/password) during install, the files will be installed into the admin user’s wpilib directly instead of the user you’re running the installer as. You can work around this either by copying the files yourself or downloading the .zip instead of the installer and extracting it yourself.