Can the 2018 driver station run older bots(2013)

With the new driver station out their are some new things added and some old things taken out. Last year’s driver station had a drop down to choose the year 2015 or 2014 (2015 being the choice for newer bots and 2014 for any older bots). But this year they have taken that out. It’s fine if it’s automatic now, but I was having trouble running older bots recently and was wondering if anyone else was having the same problem?

If the new driver station is not supporting the older bots will I have to download the older driver station as well? but that makes me so made because last year it could handle any years bot.

QDriverStation should handle that. I believe the dropdown is still there in that.

This year’s Driver Station did drop support for the old 2014 protocol.
You indeed have to keep an older Driver Station around to run robots older than 2015.

After opening up the QDriverStation on git, we were prompted to download the qt software as a requirement. Upon closer inspection, we realized that we cant handle the size of a 45 giB Qt file. We would prefer not to have such big system files like that. Do you know of any alternatives? Thanks for the help.