Can the robot go to human player station during auto?

During autonomous period can your robot go to the human player station and be loaded by the human player autonomously?

Usually I’d say ‘read the manual’ but this rule is sort of confusing.

H403 Let the ROBOT do its thing. During AUTO, DRIVE TEAMS may not directly or indirectly interact with ROBOTS or OPERATOR CONSOLES unless for personal safety, OPERATOR CONSOLE safety, or pressing an E-Stop. A HUMAN PLAYER feeding CARGO to their ROBOT is an exception to this rule.
H404 AUTO CARGO delivery. CARGO may only be introduced to the FIELD by a HUMAN PLAYER in a TERMINAL AREA.

A human play that is NOT in the terminal area, i.e. on the other side of the field from their alliance, cannot feed cargo to a robot. …I think. is unlikely to be needed until after auto. But the HP on their own alliance side can do this?

The HP in the TERMINAL AREA nearest his alliance station may feed CARGO to their ROBOT during AUTO.

H310 and H401 combine so that the HP on the opposite side of the field may not contact anything forward of the TERMINAL STARTING LINE. Presumably, if one of your CARGO happens to roll across that line, the HP can attempt a shot or feed from behind the start line.

Yes, and that is a key strategy in auto

Thanks that’s good to know!


Team Update 01 did make tweaks to H404, H504, but they were clarifications that don’t change the answers above.

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