Can the robotic arm lift robotic mini robot up the pole?

Is it okay to lift the mini bot by using robot arm?

Only as far as the Deployment Line on the pole.
<G20> ROBOTS/HOSTBOTS may not contact their own TOWERS above the DEPLOYMENT LINE. Violation: PENALTY for contact. TOWER is disabled if MINIBOT is DEPLOYED above the DEPLOYMENT LINE.

Also, PLEASE Read the Manual. Please.

From Team Update #1
DEPLOYMENT – the act of positioning a MINIBOT on a TOWER. DEPLOYMENT starts when the MINIBOT breaks the vertical projection of the TOWER BASE circumference during the END GAME. DEPLOYMENT ends when the HOSTBOT is no longer in contact with the MINIBOT. (Related form, DEPLOY, verb)

<G19> After DEPLOYMENT, MINIBOTS must remain completely autonomous and move up the POST solely through electric energy provided after DEPLOYMENT by the permitted, unaltered battery and converted to mechanical energy by the permitted unaltered motors (and associated, appropriate circuitry).

look at the rule on deployment of the robot

only up to 18 inches <G19> ::rtm:: ::rtm:: ::rtm:: ::rtm:: ::rtm::

If the robotic arm does not attach to the HOSTBOT and is only powered by the MINIBOT motors/battery source, then yes a robotic arm can lift the MINIBOT (subject to the 12" rule & allowed materials).

A minibot with monkey arms is legal so long as it uses allowed materials – nothing says it MUST use wheels to climb.

(Just in case we misread the question)

It probably wouldn’t be very efficient though.