Can the safety captain by on drive team?

I am safety captain however I wanted to be the human player for my team. Is that possible or not?



You will need to have the drive team button while fulfilling that role. And you’ll probably want to to make sure another student is in the team’s pit during matches.

AFAIK, the safety captain isn’t allowed field acces

Not allowed access because of being the safety captain. But if the person is also wearing a Drive Team button, then access is allowed. The Drive Team button is all that the field staff is looking for. Check the “Identify yourself” rule.


I don’t know how many team members you have on your team. If it is a really small team, leadership role and drive team will often happen, IE: wearing many hats.

If your team is larger, I would look at picking one role and allowing another person the . opportunity to experience a leadership or active role if they are qualified.

It can be very difficult to provide a proper interview to the judges for safety (possible award points) when you are qued to be on the field. Judges typically run on their schedule not on yours.


There’s also other reasons to have a safety captain beyond the award points. I know not everyone takes it seriously but at the very least, there should always be someone in your pit that knows where the Band-Aids and fire extinguisher are.

This I really disagree with. I’ve never met a judge who is unsympathetic to “our team is about to be in a match, could we talk on 10 minutes?” A sign in your pit goes a long way if leaving it unattended. Or having a team member that doesn’t care as much about watching the match who can inform passers by of all kinds (judges, sponsors, other teams, etc.) where the rest of the team is and that you’ll all be back soon.

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One comment: Though it is possible, We always keep our safety captain in the pits. The judges come be to talk safety. I want my safety captain there for that. Once that talk has happened, I think I would let my safety captain sub in as human player. This year especially the human player will be an easily coached position. I’d never let my driver do that unless I had no other choice…

But that’s just me. I’m sure many will disagree.

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