Can the Sparkmax Alternate encoder adapter be used as an Absolute Encoder adapter?

Before spending money on new adapters…

We’re trying to use Absolute Encoders with our SparkMax motor controllers, and I believe we need to get the Absolute Encoder Adapter

We have and are currently using the Alternate Encoder Adapter won’t work as an Absolute Encoder Adapter correct? If they do work, are there any settings in the Rev HW Client that I might be missing that somebody can point me to?

Hoping to confirm with a team who’s already using Absolute Encoders with their SparkMax.

Thank you all for your time :slight_smile:

We attempted to get absolute encoder inputs working through Alternate Encoder Adapters and were unsuccessful. It seems you can get incremental (quadrature) through the Alternate Encoder Adapter or Absolute (PWM) through the Absolute Encoder Adapter - but not both at the same time (which is what we really wanted).

Receiving both Incremental and Absolute Encoder Feedback

Receiving both Incremental and Absolute encoder feedback from a single encoder through the SPARK MAX directly is not currently supported. To do this you will need to wire the encoder directly to your roboRIO or robot controller.

It also notes that in alternate encoder mode the index pin is unsupported at this time.

You will need to purchase the Absolute Encoder Adapter. The Alternate Encoder Adapter cannot be used with an absolute encoder.

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