Can we change a team name?

I am trying to reestablish a FIRST team and I want to restart it completely. since the team hasnt competed in years i just wanted to know. please let me know.:yikes: :yikes:

Since you are starting new, you will get a new number and you can make the name whatever you want. You are like a rookie.

  1. A returning team that has not been in a competition for three years would be considered a Rookie; that is, going into the 2012 season, the team cannot have competed in either seasons 2011, 2010 or 2009. Teams, whose last competition season was 2008 or earlier, can return this season as a Rookie, OR, they can continue as a veteran with their original number if they wish to do so. Teams that choose to register as a veteran would not be eligible for the above listed Rookie incentives and recognition.


By name, I assume you mean the team name, which you can change through TIMS (I think).

Thank you soo much! that was driving me crazy!!!