Can we climb the scale?

As in, the scale arm. Right next to the rung, is that legal or no?

If you are affecting the placement of the scale plates, then no. Otherwise it should be legal.

wait, G19 says otherwise. It cannot be done.

Check G19.

Thanks all

As best as I can tell, you can drive up an OUTRIGGER and that could count as a CLIMB.

Can you do it without Grabbing, Grasping, Attaching to, or Hanging from said Outrigger?

Rungs are exempt from G19 A-D. Outriggers… not so much. That may be worth a question in Q&A, but I suspect you’d be referred back to G19.

Do you grab, grasp, attach, or hang from the carpet as you’re driving around? Driving up the outrigger is probably super hard, since it’s a sharp angle and probably a slippery material. Also you’d need a very thin robot to avoid being over the opponent’s platform zone. But I’m quite sure it’s legal.