Can we cover the minibot in protective pool noodles?

Would this be OK? We don’t want it to break if it happens to fall.

Are pool noodles one of the allowed materials in the rules?

A. TETRIX components that are not in violation of any other rules, (Tetrix components are listed in Approved Tetrix Parts at,
B. no more than two motors (PN W739083/W739023) and an unlimited number of Tetrix servos),
C. no more than one 12V rechargeable NiMH battery pack identical to those supplied in the FTC kit of parts (PN W739057) except the 20A fuse may be replaced with an equivalent type of lower amperage,
D. No more than one HiTechnic DC motor controllers,
E. No more than one NXT controller with the Bluetooth functionality disabled,
F. Polycarbonate,
G. Polycarbonate glue,
H. Raw welding rod, aluminum sheet, 90° angle, u-channel, tube, bar, that is not sold in pre-perforated or pre-punched form.
I. rivets,
J. non-metallic rope or cord,
K. wire nuts, solder, and crimps,
L. cable ties, M. limit switches,
N. no more than two common household light switches,
O. electrical hookup wire,
P. non-slip pad,
Q. PVC or CPVC pipe and fittings,
R. PVC cement or cleaner,
S. Mechanical fasteners (e.g. screws, bolts, etc),
T. Loctite or similar thread-locking product,
U. Rubber bands,
V. Surgical tubing,
W. Electrical tape and shrink tubing
X. PWM extension cables,
Y. Universal security clips to hold the PWM connectors together,
Z. Hook and loop fastener (may nobe used as tape),
AA. Magnets,
BB. NXT compatible sensors and related connectors/cables,
CC. Grease, and
DD. Non-functional decorations.

Unfortunately pool noodles aren’t in <R92>, so you can’t use them. They won’t count as nonfunctional decorations either, so no luck there.
You might be able to use surgical tubing or rubber bands as dampeners.

No pool noodles are not part of the authorized parts list for minibots. Please refer to R92 for the specific alloted parts.

Now if you are talking about having it in some sort of pool noodle box prior or during deployment then yes this would be fine but I dont think that is what you are asking.

Thanks everyone for the quick replys! Too bad though

Non-slip padding, when coiled correctly can act as a decent cushion. It’s probably not as good as a pool noodle, but it should help some.

You could also play with shaping Polycarbonate into a simple leaf spring - that could also help some.