Can we cut holes in the bumper plywood for the bolt heads?

My team assembled the 2009 Drive Base as instructed in the C-Base-User-Guide. The heads of the bolts used as axles stick out of the sides, so we were planning on cutting holes in the bumper plywood where the bolts are and mounting the bumpers against the C-channel.

I’m sure that this isn’t the purpose of R08(L)

The BUMPERS must be fixed to the BUMPER PERIMETER.

but technically it seems that if a string was wrapped around at the height of the bolt heads then we would need to have a space the width of 1 bolt head between the C-channel and plywood, which would be unnecessarily complex and not (I think) the intention of R08. What do you think? Have I misread the rule? Is this a question for the GDC?


It was. Here’s the answer: