Can we detect if PSoC is connected or not ?

Hi All,

Is there a way to detect (from within Windriver C/C++) if the PSoC is connected to the Driver Station or not ?

I would like the code to do some functions in the standard mode if there is no PSoC attached. If it is attached then the code will do additional enhanced functions using the enhanced class.

Any ideas?


You could jump an input to power and detect if the input is high

I also heard that if you call GetConfiguration (or something like that) and it returns kUnknown then the PSoC is most likely not connected (unless you set that in the ds configuration)

I know that in labview, if the board is not connected and you have error reporting turned on the first message you get on your user diagnostics screen is one reporting that there is an error or the board is not plugged in.

Since I believe that information is getting packaged up and sent from the robot, I’d wager you can unpackage it on the robot to check it against a string etc.

This is all in labview, however, and I’m not sure what language you’re using. I haven’t dug deeply into the pre-packaged error information, though I know you can see it in one of the clusters when running the code from your developement computer as well.

Since that message (and the one about the IP address) shows up even if the cRIO isn’t turned on, I’m pretty sure it isn’t coming from the robot.

That sounds good, and I will check on the GetConfig also - Thanks


My first line says Windriver C/C++ so it is not Labview.

The error message is local to the driver station laptop - it is not coming from the robot (as Alan also points out).