Can we get Les Claypool to come to Detroit?

So I recently made a twitter post about how much I would love to get Les Claypool to come visit the 2019 world champs in Detroit since he will be there at the same time that all of us will be there. If you don’t know, Les Claypool is the leading mind behind the band called “Primus”. If you know any FIRST lore… the “planet” that we play on this year is named primus. My team loved this so we named our robot after one of their songs, “Mr. Krinkle” (give it a listen… very weird and disturbing but still great).

I belong to Team 5401 from MAR and this has been our most successful year to date. We thought it would be amazing if we could all rally together this bass player from the depth of insanity to grace our competition with his presence. It would be a total meme but… it would also be us, a bunch of FRC teams that rarely get any media outside a couple of news coverages, getting a celebrity to come to our event thus putting the amazing things we do one step closer into the spotlight!

So rise my fellow cadders, programmers, mentors, students, boys and girls… Let us make 2019 Detroit even more special.

-Ethan Whiting

P.S. Retweet my twitter message, I @ him in the tweet and if the tweet catches fire that is likely our best bet. HERE IS MY TWITTER: @dasEthernets


I can’t say I’m all that familiar with Primus’s music, but I am indeed familiar with the theme songs of South Park and Robot Chicken.

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Yes! How epic would it be if we got this man to come to Detroit???

#makeitloud !

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