Can we get Windriver Workbench 3.2

Hi all,
Does anyone have any idea if we can get Windriver Workbench 3.2, or are we stuck with 3.0.1? I want the updated Eclipse support (Eclipse 3.5), among other things.

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Lead Programmer,
Team 1740 - the Cyber Colonels

You’re pretty much stuck with whatever Wind River supplies. The VxWorks 6.3 that comes with the KOP is old (current is VxWorks 6.8), but it allows them to work with FIRST without giving away current product. The Workbench 3.2 is also current product. You could go into Workbench, Help-> Software Updates and look for updates of already installed features. That might help, but it could also make your workbench installation unusable. So, be very careful.


Mike Anderson
Team 116