Can we just manually mod a project that is incompatible

Is there a manual method to manually make changes to the project to make it with 2021?
When I get “This project is not compatible this version of the extension. …” I end up with projectName-import and I haven’t found a way to put it back. It has on occasion messed with my remote repo link.

Thanks for the help but what is this thing doing that I can’t type in?

My understanding is that WPILib, at this time, doesn’t support upgrading a project in its original folder. I’ve gotten away with manually copying the .git folder from the original project into the newer one to carry over the history, though a less sketchy method would be to copy the imported project files back into the original folder and overwrite anything that changed.

Either way, the results of this can be seen here and while it doesn’t look too difficult to do it yourself, I’d probably just go with what the WPILib importer generates.

Yea, It appears nothing got moved. My src doesn’t change just config files are modded. I don’t understand why I need a new folder / project update configs.

Thanks might give it one more try.

If I undersand what you’re saying, you’re saying that when you open a WPILib 2020 project, it asks you to update it to use WPILib 2021. When you use the import feature, it changes the project name, which breaks your links to your git repo. I believe all you need to do is to change the top line of the build.gradle file to use the latest version of gradleRIO and then clean/rebuild your project, which will then pull the latest WPILIb libraries.

plugins {
    id "java"
    id "edu.wpi.first.GradleRIO" version "2021.2.2"
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I might try this first. If not BobbySq has a fuller mod.

The process is normally more complicated then just updating the gradleRIO version in build.gradle. Since the changes from 2020 to 2021 are minimal, the process is documented here: Importing a Gradle Project — FIRST Robotics Competition documentation however that won’t work for updating earlier versions to 2021 or for updating in the future.


I don’t think import is the problem.

I got everything back to what I wanted. Synced with Github repo. Was able to compile the main, my branch and some other branches (Practice code). All good.

Then I started editing for the next challenge. I opened another repo to grab a snippet from. Did some other editing then closed VSC. A pop up window asked do you want to save these files? and I click sure. I then closed the other VSC window.

When I opened my practice repo it ask do I want to import … again! I clicked no and tried to Build. I got " ‘gradleW’ not available …" so I looked it up. Found I now had the wrong folder level. WHAT? Poked around and found NEW Practice folder in the Practice folder. What the…Why? When I open THIS folder all “appears” OK. But I’m afraid to Push to the Git.

This MAY be me and the way I’m trying to use Git. But it is a pain to have to resync every couple days.

Any suggestion? Thoughts?

I just checked the Github. It now has a Practice/Practice/… structure. In the main and all branches. I “assume” I caused it, since I’m the only one pushing to main. I just don’t know how it happened and I’d really like to avoid it again.


Did you happen to clone a repo into the practice folder instead of the one above it, look for .git files.

Maaayyyybe(?) I thought I renamed the one that had import in it, Practice_Save. Then I cloned to a clean VSC. But I wasn’t watching as close as I probably should have. SOOoooo, maaaaaybe(?).

The only way I can figure to get it back is to delete the repo in Github then add it back and copy back stuff back in from a rename. Or just deal with it :slight_smile:


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