Can we keep the robot controller after ship?

From 6.3.5

FIRST will allow you to keep all of your robot controls (Operator Interface, OI power supply, joysticks, etc.)
and not ship them with your robot on Tuesday, 2/21/2006. This will allow you to continue to work on your

Does the Robot Controller fall in the “etc” or bolded “all” part of this rule? May we keep it and not ship it?

seeing how the code is loaded into the robot controller, you would not be able to ‘work on your programming’ without it.

logic says yes.

When in doubt, Q/A it!

Our team kept ours last year so yes i believe you can do the same this year.

we tend to have back up controllers just in case. this also allows for us to make a killer controller box! but i do believe you are able to keep your controllers after ship. as technically they are not really part of the robot.