Can we, like, not do this? (Cardboard Woodie)

A cardboard cutout of Woodie Flowers is the very last thing I expected to see being dragged around on stream.

cardboard woodie can't hurt you he isn't real


or his shirts. kinda wack ngl

this is gonna be a fun cd thread i already know


Edit: Apparently those are the actual shirts? I’m out.


At the risk of sounding like a massive jerk about something that I know was very well intended…

This is kinda reaching, like, weird cult levels of hero worship. I get we never really got the chance to properly memorialize him, but I’m not sure this is the right way to do it.


And why is everyone wearing his actual shirts

Replicas I would’ve understood but actual shirts is really weird


I was privileged enough to meet Woodie in person and have several conversations with him before he passed. One of the most amazing thing about him is how humble he was. Obviously no one can speak for him now, except for maybe his wife, but I have a feeling he’d be uncomfortable with all the hero worship and parading. The shirts I kind of get, I think it’s a cool tradition to continue, but some of the other stuff just sits wrong.


wait I thought these were new ones that they had signed at regionals this year

yeah pack it up, this went too far.


The shirts I don’t really care about, but the cardboard cutout is in such poor taste


Better in clay


Just having him propped against some wall by all the pits at events just seems a little……. Out there imo


And now they’re adorning the winner with another shirt! Lovely

edit: the new one is NOT his shirt!
the ones the previous winners are wearing still are though…

I know the sign is pretty cursed. It is from 2003.

edit: We haven’t been to a FRC Championship in Houston since then.

While she rips her mask off her face front and center on screen to receive her award… This look makes me uncomfortable.


People who won WFA before woodie passed are wearing his old shirts. New WFA and WFFAs get shirts signed by students at the event hung on the cardboard cutouts.


Woody’s cutout was knocked over at MSC. Hoping they don’t do that at CMP’s.

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If anyone wants a chance to actually learn about him and celebrate his legacy and impact, Woodie’s celebration of life was beautiful. I was there in person, but I believe the livestream still exists. It was much more personal and really did a lot to humanize him. One of my favorite experiences, despite it being for such a sad event.


Honestly I don’t see a problem with the shirts, that was cool. The cutout was completely unnecessary tho lol

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I was going comment on this earlier when it was originally but my phone died and I forgot but I finally remembered. I personally found the entire thing of having cardboard cutouts of Woodie everywhere is kind of weird. All this hero worship about him with a cardboard cutout of him included just seems kind of cult-like at this point. I think there’s most likely a better way to memorialize him than buying 100 Woodie Flowers cardboard cutouts.


This Celebration of Life was a wonderful move by FIRST, and I was incredibly disappointed they didn’t do more for Woodie at our first Championship without him beyond the regular video they showed at every regional.

I agree the cutouts are … not my favorite. As someone who knew Woodie ‘in real life’, not just as a rockstar at events - it’s kind of rough to come across. The cutout was positioned at pit admin at our DCMP, and while that makes sense, it happened to be near 1914/1923’s pits and dang near every time I turned around I’d see it out of the corner of my eye and my brain instinctively went “Oh, yay, Woodie’s here, I should go say hi – oh…:cry:

I didn’t mind the cutout so much around the display of the shirt, but I’ll say the standing-it-up with the lineup of the WFFAs at other events/ WFAs at Championship felt a lot like “Well, he’s not here, so here’s a stand-in.”

I hope the shirt tradition continues, but the cutout… doesn’t.

I know it’s almost an entire generation of students who have never known a Championship with Woodie’s speech, but man - this one felt different and I very much did not like it. He is so very missed, and I think it’s important for us all to keep his legacy as a part of our community.