Can we load 2004 code?

Right now we are experianceing an ineresting problem. Our FRC will not take the 2005 default codes once we compiled it. We can load the FRC_default.hex fine for both version 2.2 and 2.4. After we recompile the code to a FrcCode.hex, it will not work! We get the code error light and no outputs. We tried to load the 2004 code and it worked fine! We dont plant on using the camera (Busted) so the 2004 code would be fine.

So does ne one know a solution to the problem?
Or can we just use the 2004 code?

I do not believe there are any rules against using last years code, atleast I did not find any. So as long as it works, you can use it.

Make sure you are using MPLAB v7.0 IDE, if not then that may be the problem, and I recommend you install it.

Updated to v.7.0 not the problem :frowning:

This might be it:

In order to compile the 2005 default code, you probably need to be using a newer version of the compiler, not just the latest IDE. The immediate code error is a common symptom of printf issues, and you might have old libraries installed.

No, FrcCode.hex is there and that is what we load, its just we get a weird code error. As if we were using too many variables, exept its the default code. To my understanding we had the latest compiler, here is an update though, i went to a compthat had last years compiler and compiled the 2005 no cam default code. I load it and it works … but the analog values are messed up. We have a pot hooked up and instead of the normal 0 -1024 we get 4-7 at random. I will try reinstalling the compiler tommorow and let u guys know how it goes.