Can we make ONE G36 thread?

I know, it seems really silly to make a thread about making a thread, but I really think that we need to consolidate all of the existing G36 threads into one unified thread.

Mods, feel free to do what you wish with this.

I second that, but also feel hypocritical contributing to this thread about making a thread haha
I’ve read almost all of them and they all say the same thing

yea, ive read most of them too, but i think this should clear up at least a little
(its exactly what i wrote from the other threads)

yea i was wondering this too, but worst comes to worst and the rule is correct, then u can just knock off the trackball from underneath since there is no plexiglass panel preventing it from being knocked off. This method could also be used to knock off your own trackballs during the hybrid period. It saves time becasue it does not require an arm or claw to extend up there and knock it off, all that u have to do would be attach an extending rod (piston) on top of ur bot and hit the trackball at an angle to knock it off. People may say however that this may interfere with the rules saying that it doesnt count if u pass the line before knocking it down. Well, the most u would go would be rite on the line, and technically, it cant be counted as u passed it because the ENTIRE robot has not passed the line as regulated and stated by the manual.

This is what happens when u read the manual like 50 times.