Can we not play baby shark at competitions please

The title says most of it. Please stop playing baby shark at competitions, we’re not 4.


Elvis Andrus would like to say otherwise. :smile:


I’ve heard of A/V crew getting carded for playing said “song”.


See, we play the edm version. Maybe your events would benefit from the superiority of that version…


Edit: I hope this isn’t offensive to anyone, I’m genuinely not trying to be upsetting. Maybe someone can convince me not to be as annoyed by this as I am, and see reason if there is reason to be seen.

On a very serious note, I genuinely think playing certain songs damages the ability for people to take FIRST and FRC seriously. Baby Shark is for literal children.

I will probably defend this sentiment to the death. FRC is an incredible thing, and exposure is paramount to the survival of the program. Trying to show people FRC events, only for it to cut to stuff like Baby Shark is just painful. I am all for having fun at the events, but I can’t get behind stuff like this. Perhaps I’m too unfun, I don’t know.


No, you’re right. I’ve heard stories of people being turned off of FRC just because of the music selection at events. I’m pretty far from the opinion that FRC should be a complete “no fun zone” but Baby Shark isn’t fun, it’s just annoying.


Unless 4956 is playing … and winning… the event… then they can play it. :grin::grin:


I think often times people don’t understand the importance music has on a competition. It sets the entire atmosphere for the competition which can drastically chance a person’s experience. When everybody starts singing along to a song or people get up to dance it’s a much better experience than having to listen to baby shark or songs like that. Obviously playing those dance songs or songs people know too often can become annoying but I would rather have any of those playing than baby shark.


Where’d this happen, out of curiosity? Or is the event going unnamed…

I’ve never heard baby shark at a competition but I sympathize with the sentiments above.

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So far I have heard it at a competition I went to twice and while watching 2 different livestreams. I would prefer not to name where they were because I don’t want to call out any specific DJs.

I had it at 2/3 events I attended this year, and I’ve heard of more.

Apparently to get it off the playlist you need to contact the Team Advocate (or FRC Director) and make noise.


Wdym? it’s a fantastic song!

Agreed. The entire music selection needs to be overhauled. So tired of hearing the same playlist at every event, and it’s even more obnoxious when you actually notice the same songs play again and again at comp.

Professional sports are definitely “family friendly” and they manage to play all the latest stuff :man_shrugging:


Something I think FIRST should do is have a google form or something where you write down the songs you want to see be played at competition. Obviously you would need to vet the songs and maybe remove some songs or add others but I feel like song choice is something which should be largely community driven.


This site exists, I’ve not been able to figure out if it’s actually what get used or not (but it looks it), Baby Shark was added to it recently.


Yeah first really needs to fix their music. Last year I heard pen pineapple apple pen more times than anyone needed to. Also heard a Minecraft song parody, a really cringy one made by a kid, at district champs and that really didn’t need to happen.


Yeah that document is used which I think is the problem. That fact that it lists baby shark as a song that people are supposed to dance to is just ridiculous and shows how out of touch FIRST really is. I can’t understand why you think it’s a good idea to add nursery rhymes or songs like PPAP which a large amount of people hate.

I think this gif sums up a decent chunk of the dj play list:


iTs cAlLeD MeMeS ShElBy, GeT WiTh tHe tImEs


I was shocked when I heard them play two XXXTentacion songs lol. I never saw them on the playlist so it was fully unexpected.

At the Miami Valley Regional, they basically played this one weird synthesizer song that nobody knew the entire time.


For as many times as they played the Slackcircus cover of “What’s Up?” in Calgary this weekend (three times in an hour during eliminations!) I’m disappointed they never showed the He Man video that accompanies it.

If someone walks away because they have a problem with a bunch of dweeby kids dancing to goofy music, then God, Jed, I don’t even want to know you.