Can we not ship Robot Controller?

So as I read the rules, specifically 6.3.4, it says that you may keep the controls for the robot (Operator Interface, Joysticks, etc…) to allow us to continue to work on our programming. Would this mean we can keep the Robot Controller as well, because how else would we work on programming?

you may not keep the 2005 RC, it must be shipped in the crate with the robot. Whether or not its connected to the bot that doesn’t matter.

Although since the 2004 RC is compatible, you could always use that for code testing provided you download the updated firmware to it first.

Section 5.3.3…

<R14> Prior to the competitions: After the close of the “FIX-IT WINDOW” and prior to the competition, the team must put down their tools, cease fabrication of robot parts, and cease all software development. Take this opportunity to rest, recover from the build season, and relax. Teams may scout other teams, gather and exchange information, develop game-playing strategies, collect raw materials, prepare tool kits, plan how to make repairs, etc. in preparation for the upcoming competitions. But no construction or fabrication is allowed.

Keeping the robot controller for the purposes of coding violates this rule. Since you’re not supposed to work on the robot at all during this time period, there wouldn’t be any benefit to not shipping the controller anyway.

Good catch, <R14> would seem to take precedence over 6.3.4.

I think that the main reasons for these two rules is to ensure that you don’t continue to work on your programming, but you can build / create / put-together your “neat-o cool” (yes, I’m old. Get over it!) operator station after you ship the robot off. We don’t have all of the functionality completed in our code yet, but we will not be doing any additional coding until we get to the Lone Star Regional in Houston. And believe me, we WANT to do more coding!

But the FIXIT window ends at 5pm Thursday…

No, it doesn’t. There’s been a lot of discussion on this topic already and several Q&A’s on FIRST’s site. Bottom line seems to be that you can develop software after ship, but you must retype the code on-site when you arrive at your first competition.

Very true, the specific Q&A that covers this is #1525](, also #1569]( asks about this Q&A to make sure. You really can program the entire code after the fix-it window, as long as you retype it.