Can we run servo motors on something other than PWM?

Our team has run into the slight problem of using too many motors which all need independent control. We’ve doubled up where we can but 4 drive motors, 2 shoulder motors, 2 wrist motors, 2 shooter motors, 2 servos and a pulley quick. Because of this we have run out of PWM ports…

We are wondering if anyone knows a way we could use a different channel, say analog, to control our pair of servo motors. There’s only two of them so modifying the base servo class isn’t out of the question.

P.S. we’re using C++ as our coding language.

Have you looked into this?

You can use a PWM Y cable to control two motor controllers at once if they always have the same operation (like two motors on one side of a drive train).

Servos MUST be run from one of the regular roboRIO PWM ports (R54).

You can move motor controllers to the MXP PWM ports though.

If you are using Tallon SRX’s or Jaguars’ you can control your motors with the CAN bus.