Can we score with ball in possesion...

I was wondering if we could score points by being in possesion of the trackball while crossing your alliance finish line? or do we have to roll the ball down the finish line.

you have to release the ball before going over your alliance finish lines.

so we can have possesion of the ball when going through your alliance finish line but you have to roll the ball when you get to your opponets finish line right?

no you get points only for crossing your own finish line (in tele-op). You get 2 points for the robot crossing its own finish line (with or without the ball), but you only get the 2 point for the ball crossing if you roll it.

so can we or can we not have possesion of the ball while crossing our own finish line?

yes but, if you want points for the ball crossing the line, you must release the ball so it rolls freely over your line.

If you are in possession of the trackball while crossing the finish line you will only score 2 points for your robot crossing the line. You will get no points for the track ball since the track ball will be touching your robot.

In order for the ball to score 2 points when it crosses your own finish line, your robot CANNOT be touching the ball. If the ball is in possession of the robot when crossing your finish line only the robot will receive 2 points as opposed to the ball receiving 2 points for crossing the line without touching the robot and then another 2 points for the robot crossing the line after the ball.

Yes you can posses you own trackball and cross your own finish line. If you do this you won’t score points for the trackball but will still score for your robot. It you want to score the trackball you need to drop it from your possession before you cross your finish line.

Oh thanks this the answer I was looking for. Thanks again you guys

As a field coach of ten years, I’d like to politely, but strongly recommend that you read the game and tournament rules sections of the manuals very, very thoroughly before heading to competition.

I think this is sage advice for anyone. There are fewer things that are more frustrating at a FIRST competition than losing a match because your alliance partners do not understand the rules of the game.

I have read the manuel about ten times but i could’nt find the answer thats why i posted a question on here, thank you anyways for your advice =)

This seems to be the important rule here:

“<G10>Each TRACKBALL that has CROSSED its own FINISH LINE while not in contact with a ROBOT of the same ALLIANCE will earn 2 points.”

It’s a round-about way of saying that you cannot score with the ball in possession.

There is probably another rule that I didn’t see while skimming that also helps answer your question.