Can we start a poll to see what programming is being used?

We are using Labview with limited success. Can we start a poll to see who is using Labview, C++/Windriver?

Also, any Wisconsin based teams using Labview. We would like to share thoughts/training/ideas with you.

Team 1785 JagWired Robotics is going to be using Labview

Team 2669 will be using labview.

1189 here will be using LabVIEW. =)

1793 is using LabView.

359 Waialua HI is using LabView

1219 is using labveiw

<meek> Team Hornet 2603 is using C/C++. <end meek>

2493 is using LabView

1245 be use teh LabView

1047 is using C++/Windriver

967 is using Labview

Team 2883 using labview, lots to know, so little time to play.

team 1566 is using LabView…so many pictures…so little time

Team 1357 will probably be using both LabVIEW & C/C++.

2702 is all about the C/C++, baby.

904 is having success using WindRiver and C/C++

Team 548 will be using both LabVIEW and C++.

1458 is using, as it is known around here, Win Driver

1785 is using LabView! though I am more expericed in C++…:slight_smile: