Can we still add a You Tube link to our Chairman's submission, post 2/19?

The student award submitter cannot get back into the form, now that the deadline has passed. I know we can just take a DVD and/or USB drive, but we have the You Tube link as well….


The video doesn’t have to be done until the competition. I waited for mine because I didn’t want to inturrupt build season to shoot.

The manual stated that the link would be open, but I didn’t see a place to submit it once the deadline had passed, either. However, not submitting online doesn’t preclude you from winning, though - just bring the video to the event.

I remember reading somewhere that they were going to work on this. Maybe I read it in the Q&A. Regardless, the YouTube link wasn’t required.

We found this same issue and just decided to not pursue submitting it. In the submission and in the manual is says that the link can be submitted after the submission itself . . . but the only place to submit it was IN the submisison itself which is now closed. It would have been nice to have a fix, but it isn’t the end of the world.

You can send the link to [email protected] and they can enter the link for you. There was an issue with the way the website was handling the form. They are working on a fix for this.