Can we talk about how OP climbing is?

So is it just me or is climbing way overpowered? It seems that teams are bound to not do well just because they cannot climb or cannot climb very well. I realize that this is FIRST we are dealing with and it’s not like climbing is going away any time soon- but it seems this year that climbing gets way more points than other years, compared to the average tele-op score. I say this because of it quite obvious that some years’ scores can be as high as 300 and others as high as 100, so it’s all relative. Last year, if you could climb, yes you had better chances of winning. But this year, half a team’s points are climb points! Don’t get me wrong, my team has not failed a climb yet this year and we are doing extremely well at regionals, but it seems kinda unfair to the teams who have really good robots but can’t climb or don’t climb very well.


Weird flex but okay


All I’m saying is that there are robots that shoot way better than ours, but it doesn’t matter because they can’t climb. Part of why my team has done well this year is because we can climb and I think its unfair to the teams that are good at the actual game, but aren’t good at climbing.


Climbing isn’t a part of the actual game?


As in not auto or endgame

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I agree that climbing is worth a majority of points in the game this year, however it is only week 2. Robots aren’t completely finishished so it is possible that as robots improve, so will Power Cell scoring.


So…you’re upset that your team is winning too much?

It’s still only half way through week 2 of competition; it’s very typical of most games that early in season end game is a stronger play, but as the weeks progress, conventional scoring methods balance out.

Shooting is hard.


Hella op

/but you should build your robot to match that/


I can confirm, climbing is essential to playing past quals. Not participating in the endgame wasn’t a good idea in 11,12,13,16,17,18 or 19 either though. I think 17’s climb was worth more in Playoffs (especially before 4 rotors were common) but being tied to a RP this year makes it very important


No… Haha… actually the opposite. I’m extremely happy that my team is doing well. i just feel its unfair to some teams

You got your priorities right when you were designing the robot. Good job.


Hopefully teams that have yet to play will be watching competitions and taking advantage of having no stop-build day to stop them from making improvements to climbing mechanisms.

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Endgames are difficult to balance. The points are limited by nature so they can’t just be worth a cycle or two, and their general difficulty means teams won’t bother if they’re not weighted high enough - see 2013. But value them too much and in a large amount of matches, you’ll find the score difference before the endgame is less than the value of a single climb; this leads to 2:00 of the game feeling pointless.

Some years they get it right; last year felt pretty good to me. Some years they don’t, like 2017. This is leaning more that way, but we knew it was going to be hard to cycle effectively early in the season. I’m interested to see where we feel on this from week 5 on.


I think that as the competition matures, the climb will become less of an impact, although I do agree, as it stands right now, a 2-3 bot climb is necessary for a high level of competitiveness. In Clackamas Finals 1, the red alliance got 67 points in auto alone, which is 3/4 of a 90 point climb. I wouldn’t be surprised if we got multiple 300 point matches by district championships, and close to, if not exceeding 400 in worlds.

Edit: maximum climb points last year was 36, and there weren’t many games that exceeded 100. 36 is more than a third. There are already matches that have reached close to 300, which would place the point value of the climbs similarly to last year at worlds.

Yeah, I’m betting on 400 at worlds.

If an alliance has
A 90 point endgame
All robots crossing the initiation line and
20 balls all going into the inner in auto
They still need 59 inner goals or 89 outer goals to reach 400 points. (I’m assuming no control panel here)
I wouldn’t place any bets on 400


I DNPed teams without a climber and guess who just won their first event ever. Only alliance with a triple level climb.

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Only? As in the only one in a regional or the only one ever. I’ve seen a week 1 alliance have a triple level climb. Scratch that, there’s two in the same match!

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How about those tech foul points :wink:
The current highest score is 314 with a total of 111 foul points, so 400 may not be far off

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Only at my event. Sorry

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