can we use 06 kit of parts?

are we allowed to use things from last years KOP??

it depends on what “things” you are talking about.

old KOP transmissions No
old battery’s NO
old motors- yes if they are in this years KOP and you count them as COTS
old joysticks- yes if they are counted as COTS

maybe that answers your question. what you are asking is kinda vague

Whats COTS?

C ommon O ff T he S helf

COTS (Commercial Off The Shelf or Common Off The Shelf) is defined the “The Robot” section of this year’s manual. That has more specific information about what you can and can’t use. Also make sure to check the FIRST website for team updates, since some of those rules have been changed since kickoff. Good luck!

basically COTS is any item that is for sale to anyone and can be purchased for 400 dollars or less

items that were purchased before but are still for sale can be recounted in your bill of materials are still for sale

edit: refer to the post above and the manual for more info

Yes if:

a) The item is included in this years KOP
b) Is FIRST legal (i.e. no old motors), and can be bought for under $400 by any other FIRST team

Check the FIRST flowchart for more info.