Can we use 3 joysticks?

Sorry if this is a dumb question, but we were just wondering if we could use 3 joysticks at competition?

The only restriction on joysticks I can think of would be the amount of USB ports you have avaliable as well as the amount of hands you have free. (Hint, limit should be around 4)

Most teams (that Ive seen) do. We usually have two for the driver (tank drive), and a third for any manipulators we have that year.

I’m sure its legal, we have 3 joysticks on our OI.

Yep, you can-4 for my team. You will probably need a USB bus/splitter/hub thingy, if you are using the classmate.

Yes…three are legal…in the past we’ve used two and sometimes three. I’ve seen some teams use four. Guess it depends on the drive and manipulator, the drivers and programming and what works best for a given team.

The driver station software only handles 4 joysticks. There is a hard technical limit.