Can we use a wireless transmitter to turn on the power of our minibot?

Can we use a wireless transmitter to turn on the power of our minibot?

Sorry, <R52> prohibits any wireless communication to, from, or within the ROBOT besides the D-Link DAP-1522.

I don’t think a wireless receiver is one of the permitted MINIBOT components, either.

Consider this: the NXT’s Bluetooth function must be disabled (<R92-E>), and none of the other items on the list can really function as a receiver (FTC’s Samantha module is not FRC-legal).

So there is no way to get a wireless transmission to the Minibot and have it received.

Though RF is out, it might be okay to use an electromagnet on the HOSTBOT and a reed switch on the MINIBOT. But what’s wrong with flipping a physical switch using a servo or pneumatic actuator?

The rules don’t allow for any kind of wireless transmitter on the minibot. You can use an NXT module on the minibot, but the wireless Bluetooth functions have to be disabled.

We are likely going to use a limit switch that came in the KOP. Limit switches are in the allowed list of minibot parts too.

Some limit switches look similar to this:

When the lever on the side of the switch is held down, the circuit will be open. When the minibot is deployed, some mechanism on the host robot should release the lever, which completes the circuit and activates the minibot.

If using limit switches to route 12v power, make sure they are rated for the kind of amperage they will have to pass through.

While we are on the subject…
A switch rated for 12 amps @ 48 volts does not equate to 48 amps at 12 volts. It means the switch can pass 12 amps when closed but will not arc over at 48 volts when open. 12 amps DC is just that.