Can we use an Arduino for controlling LED's

Hey my team was wondering if we can legally use an Arduino to control LED’s on our robot. We’re just connecting simple RGB LED’s to the bot and hope to be able to do less wiring on the Roborio by controlling the LED’s from the arduino instead. We know how to and everything we just want to make sure we won’t show up and have to remove them.

We did last year. We have not looked into it this year, but I would wager it is still legal.

You can totally do that. We did that last year and plan on doing it again this year.

Some of my team members have said that LED strips aren’t allowed this year, however I can’t find the specific rule stating this. R9 could apply:

C. Any devices or decorations specifically intended to jam or interfere
with the remote sensing capabilities of another ROBOT, including
vision systems, acoustic range finders, sonars, infrared proximity
detectors, etc. (e.g. including imagery on your ROBOT that, to a
reasonably astute observer, mimics the retro-reflective features of the
TOWER described in Section TOWER)

LEDs are still perfectly legal, and fall under the custom circuit rules. Make sure to read them all carefully.