Can we use duck tape?

I’ve been reading through the manual, and I can’t find anything against using any adhesives. So does this mean that they will allow duck tape this year? Or has someone found a clause that states that we can’t use duct tape?

I have not seen any rules on tape this year.
However, someone will probably ask on Q&A pretty soon and we will know for sure.

Nowhere does it say that the Q&A can make new rules. So they’d better clarify that issue, before they use it to make a tape rule for 2009.

Given that teams don’t read the Q&A nearly as often as they ought to, and the fact that it doesn’t highlight important statements (in the way that an update does), it would be a bad idea to expect all teams to comply with the things that are said there. Every year, many teams miss (or occasionally, deliberately ignore) Q&A clarifications of existing rules.

As a matter of fact, FIRST has neglected to publicly state the order of precedence for rules, updates, Q&As, etc. for the last couple of years. Especially with sources of information like the Director’s Blog, it’s time that they put something in writing for the teams.

You make a very good point with this. I know it sounds contradictory, but could you ask this in the Q&A? You might get an answer.

Also, in past years I’ve seen questions in the Q&A bring up important issues, and the resulting answers/clarifications/rules changes show up in subsequent Team Updates, so important updates do get highlighted.

Duct Tape Bandits would be happy if it stayed this way… I would LOVE to see the first ever robot made nearly entirely out of duct tape, controls & wheels! lol

Sorry to dissapoint you but I can tell you already that the wheels, no duct tape, only the rover wheels, :rolleyes: but that would add sweet traction. And remember this isn’t red green this is FIRST!

I think what Kim meant was a robot made out of the mandatory wheels, controls, and the rest duct tape.

Yeah I guess rereading it, that does make sense, hehe whoops

Please ask what the order of precedence is in Q&A.

FLL is years ahead of FRC in that they have a defined order of precedence. FRC needs to get their act together on this.

The way i think of it is like the three branches of the America government (sorry non Yankees) Q&A being the Judicial Branch, Updates being Legislative, and Referees being Executive. If you don’t understand this,consult wikipedia or your 8th grade history textbook

there is a statement that says you cant use ducktape which was that you wernt allowed to use adhesives.

Find it this year and quote the rule.

He’s gonna be searching for a reallllly long time :wink:

Which is why I sent him to the manual. He may as well become a rules expert too.:smiley:

You just might succeed in your genius plan to make everyone read the manual.

(What a happy place FIRST would be if everyone could just complete that simple task.)

We can use duck tape !? :eek: Holy smokes, this changes …

… nothing, oddly.

A word search in the Robot Rules did not find a refernce to duct tape or adhesives related to tape.

It hasn’t been mentioned… yet.
We’ll see whether the Q&A brings any direct answers.

I feel certain that if there is a NEW rule… an omission on the part of the GDC… that needs to be addressed… that it WILL be in an UPDATE.

This is different from an interpretation of a rule… not all of those get into the Updates… for good reason…

Significant changes are always addressed in the UPDATES…

Significant Interpretations are usually addressed in the UPDATES…

Your team should have a RULES person designated… it is THEIR JOB
to read all the Q and A and to read the UPDATES and report this back to the team.

We should take some of the burden on OUR shoulders as FRC teams to be responsible to read the information that is provided to us.

The GDC and Q and A staff are taking a great deal of time doing the Q and A and the UPDATES…

Step up to your responsibility as a team also…

When you have a question… do research on Q and A to see if your question is there… if it isn’t answered somewhere… Ask it directly…and be specific…

thanks and I hope everyone has a great season!!

Hey, if duct tape was used on the moon . . . :ahh: :yikes:

If it’s good enough for a manned moon vehicle . . :stuck_out_tongue: