Can we use Hot Glue on the robot in any way??

Can we use Hot Glue on the robot in any way??

is there a rule that says we cant??

What are you going to hot glue? :confused:

a plastic clover onto a servo motor…

Reference this thread for the glue discussion.

My advice would be to avoid glue on any essential robot parts because when the defense period comes along, well, glue isn’t always the best under pressure, especially hot glue.

I think you can…but i’m not sure…double check on the rules under “The Robot.”

alright thank you

Hot melt glue available in the retail market is pretty sad stuff. I wouldn’t use it for anything on a robot other than potting electronics.

On the other hand, the only reason to ever use mechanical fasteners is because you need to remove the part for maintenance, or because a suitable adhesive is not available. Screws, bolts and rivets are poor substitutes for the right glue.

Yes, you can, there is no rule against using hot glue.

I think we have used hot glue in the past to hold pwmo cables in their respective slots as a temporary fix.

I think it was hot glue… I have no idea. lol Maybe it was caulk. :rolleyes:

In any way?

In certain ways, but not in all ways!

For example, you cannot cover your tires with hot glue to get better traction…

We discovered that hot glue is a good way to hold the PWM cables (connectors rather) in place. It’s strong enough to hold them in place, but weak enough that a screwdriver can pry it off.

But, you could use hot glue to help hold on other stuff for better traction. Actually, we experimented with this in my crusade to find the perfect attachment method. (The mentors want either: wire, carpet tacks, or zip ties) It isn’t that stong though… maybe it could be used as ghetto Locktite? I wonder… Hmmm…