Can we use old Relays and Speed Controllers?

Not to sound whinny but the V 884 has no marking for m+ m- and or gnd and 12 V however we got that figured out. I was trying to put a PWM cable in the vector and i noticed it has a couple of notches, which can be clipped off, however i rather not do that just yet. Please can anyone tell me y these victores look rushed at the last moment :stuck_out_tongue: . N e ways the real question is that did you guys clip the notches of or not?

For any having problems the M+ / M- is the same as on all previous Victor models, and is also properly labeled in the FRC2005 Power Distribution Diagram.

What notches are you talking about? Please elaborate (preferably in English).

Are you talking about protrusions to make sure you dont put it in backwards or something?

our Victors had plastic notches where the Mold had been punched out for the PWM cable. We have assumed they are a defect and pinched them off with needle nose pliers. Before we did this we could not insert the PWM cable after words the cables insert fine and work flawlessly

Yea we have the same notches well we took them off now too, as we found out they are only little defects from the molds, thankyou for confirming this.

As for other repliers, i am sorry if my explanation was too vague. I suppose its only some of the units that have these notches and no they are not the protrusions, i am not that stupid :stuck_out_tongue: . Anyways its hard to explain unless you guys also have a victor with the same problem(or defect).

Actually, I think they are supossed to be there. If you read the instructions on IFI’s site it says to “Trim this tab to ensure a tight fit with your PWM cable”. Ours too came unlabeled, but so are the ones on their site. Bad ideaif you ask me, and it makes me forget which is brake and coast on the jumper.

Oh snap


It is not a defect. Please read:



Please read the document “FIRST Guidelines, Tips, & Good Practices” available on the FIRST site in documentation for this year. It explains the connection of the Victors in graphics and explains that this year’s set does not contain markings. I suggest a dab of paint on the power supply positive input and the motor output + screw.

I noticed that this year the spike relays looked different. Are they different in any other way? Can we use the old version on our robot?

Also, the rules for speed controllers are just that we need Victor 884s? Does red or blue matter?

Thanks for any help you can give!

As long as the controllers are 884 then you are OK. I have not yet read the rule about the spikes. The answer will be in the rules I am sure.