Can we use these sprockets?

Since rule update #6 on January 26th we’ve been a bit confused about the legitimacy of the sprockets we obtained before the clarification was made. We bought standard #35 sprockets with a 1/2" bore and 25 teeth to match the drive shaft from the banebot gearboxes. We didn’t really understand why the kit would include a sprocket with a 1 1/4" and a keyed drive shaft with a 1/2" diameter. Is the sprocket that we bought legitimate for use in the competition?

If you bought a part from somewhere that any team can buy from (Which is most likely true) then absolutely yes. If it is identical to a part you can get at a retailer any team can buy from, then yes.

Most likely this is okay, be a little more specific for clarification though; Where did you buy it?

We bought our sprockets from Grainger Industrial Supply and they were not custom made. Completely standard stuff.

As Long its available to the other teams and it is okay with the flowchart, then the partt is legal,
so if you bought it from granger a supplier its first legal