CAN Wire Sheathing



What have other teams out there been doing to strip the black sheathing of CAN wires? Our team has found it difficult to strip them back, and we were wondering if anyone had any specific techniques?


What I like to do to remove sheathing from cables is use an xacto knife to cut into the sheath from the end of the cable, pull out the needed wires, and then cut the unneeded sheath off.


Buy CAN wire without sheathing.


Yellow and green wire is super cheap, then you can put it in a drill to twist it.

Or buy pre twisted cable from CTRE.


Yeah, we just had a lot of it with the sheathing leftover from last year, which is why I asked…much appreciated


After cutting to length, I would recommend slitting the sheathing for 2~3 inches along it’s length, then pulling the twisted pair out and only installing the twisted pair. You may have already noticed it is much easier to do this before it is installed with the sheathing still on.