CAN with PCM and Talons


Our CAN bus worked just fine without a PCM for pneumatics last year, but we are struggling to figure out how to wire it with a PCM in the mix. Basically, we tried to wire it as it describes here but then had to remove the yellow and green wires from the end of our daisy-chained Talons from the RoboRio. That left these two wires with nowhere to go:

If I have a PCM do I need to wire them all with PWM connections like this?

Or can I link it all into the CAN bus together?


The PCM can be daisy-chained with the Talons and PDP. You should not have to use PWM if you don’t want to.

There should be weidmuller connectors for 4 wires on the PCM, allowing one set of CAN wires coming from the Talons (or something else in the CAN bus), and another set of CAN wires going to the Rio. You may need an extra length of wire to be able to connect the PCM to the Rio.

All together, you should have CAN wires starting at the Rio and forming a continuous path to end at the PDP. Any ordering of components within that path is fine.

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Another 2 cents:
All green wires and all yellow wires are soldered to the same piece of metal. If there are in fact extra yellow and green wires lying around, and you have determined that you do not need them, you can just electrical tape the ends so that no electrical signals go to them. They should remain disconnected from all electrical sources.